What is Vote Clicker?

Vote Clicker is a campaign-related clicking game using crowd-sourced voting. You choose a candidate and submit votes for that candidate along with other players who are also rooting for the same candidate. The candidate who has the most votes by May 2016 will win.

Where can I get Vote Clicker?

Vote Clicker is free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store. Vote Clicker is totally free to play but there are in-app purchases within the game which require real money to purchase.

How do I play Vote Clicker?

You start by choosing the candidate you are rooting for. After you choose, start tapping and earning votes for your desired candidate! Use the points that you earned by upgrading your Propaganda Machine (funds per tap) and Campaign Program (funds per second) items. Funds per tap are the units you earn by tapping/playing while funds per second are the units you earn every second you spend in the game and also while offline and not running the game (with a limited time). The higher your upgrade levels, the faster you generate votes. These votes are then submitted to our server and tallied along with other players' votes. You can check your candidate's standing by visiting voteclicker.ph.

Vote Clicker does not run on my device, what do I do?

We are working hard to support as many devices as we can and if the game does not run on your device, do give us a shoutout. If the game keeps on crashing on your device, drop us a note as well. We will constantly push new updates and bug fixes for the game as we move along.

My desired candidate is not in the game, what do I do?

Drop us a note if your desired candidate is not included in Vote Clicker. If we receive enough requests for a specific candidate to be included, we will include him/her in a future update for the game.

I totally love the game, how can I support you guys?

A review or rating in the App Store or Play Store would be super great! If you're also feeling generous and don't mind donating real money, purchasing any of our in-app items within the game will help us a ton. :)

How do I contact support?

You can reach us on Twitter, @popsiclegames or Facebook: http://facebook.com/popsiclegames. We normally reply within minutes.