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LAST UPDATE 09:20 am, May. 27, 2016
Duterte leading presidential race with 9,858 votes

Presidential race tightens. Santiago trails by 4,752

Jejomar struggling with 3,168 votes

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2 hours ago

Power play! Rodrigo Duterte forges ahead in polls

Santiago still optimistic with 5,106 votes

Presidential aspirant Jejomar Binay in 3rd place

3 hours ago

Duterte extends lead with 9,858 votes

Santiago hot on the heels of Duterte

Presidential aspirant Jejomar Binay in 3rd place

Know Your Candidates


People's Reform Party (PRP)

In favor of:

• Freedom of information

• Educational reforms (K-12)

• Land reform


United Nationalist Alliance (UNA)

In favor of:

• Housing reforms

• Globalization

• Political dynasties


Philippine Democratic Party (PDP-Laban)

In favor of:

• Death penalty

• Labor rights reform

• Federalism in the Philippines


Liberal Party of the Philippines

In favor of:

• Bangsamoro Basic Law

• Labor export policies

• Public health reform


Independent candidate

In favor of:

• RH law

• Public transportation reform

• Tax reform

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